Logics and Calculi for All

Workshop dedicated to Luís Soares Barbosa on the occasion of his 60th Anniversary

Aveiro, 1 July 2022

Workshop co-allocated with WADT 2022

by Catarina Barbosa

.. es ist wahr, ein Mathematiker, der nicht etwas Poet ist, wird nimmer ein vollkommener Mathematiker sein. ”
“... it is true that a mathematician who is not somewhat of a poet, will never be a perfect mathematician.”

by Karl Weierstrass, in a letter to Sofia Kovalevskaya, August 27, 1883

Contributed talks

  • Prelude
  • Rolf Hennicker and Alexander Knapp Specification of Systems with Parameterised Events: An Institution-independent Approach
  • Coffee Break
  • Benjamin Lion: From Symbolic Constraint Automata to Promela
  • Diana Costa, Manuel A. Martins and Daniel Figueiredo Relation-changing models meet Paraconsistency
  • Jorge Sousa Pinto e Maria João Frade A verified VCGen based on Dynamic Logic: an exercise in meta-verification with Why3
  • Lunch
  • Leandro Gomes: Towards a (multi)trace semantics for “multi-flow” computations
  • Benjamin Lion, Farhad Arbab and Carolyn Talcott A Formal Framework for Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Sergey Goncharov Towards Full Abstraction for Hybrid CCS
  • Carlos Tavares A Logic for the QASM programming language
  • Luís Paulo Santos: Computer Graphics and Quantum
  • Antonio Cerone: Ubiquitous Formal Methods and their Interdisciplinary Roles — from the Cathedral of ‘Components as Coalgebras’ to the Open Source Software Bazaar
  • Postlude

    Forthcoming publication

    A special issue in Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming is currently in revision process.


    How to get to the conference: The workshop takes place in Hotel Estalagem da Pateira, a family-owned guest-house with panoramic views to lagoon Pateira de Fermentelos, 20 minutes from the centre of Aveiro. More information about how to get the event can be found at the WADT 2020 web page.


  • More information will be provided soon at the WADT 2020 web page.


    • Ai Liu
    • Alberto José Proença
    • Alejandro Sánchez
    • Alexander Knapp
    • Antonio Cerone
    • António Machiavelo
    • Benjamin Lion
    • Benoît Valiron
    • Bernhard K. Aichernig
    • Bohua Zhan
    • Bruno Lopes
    • Carlos Tavares
    • Carolyn Talcott
    • Clovis Eberhart
    • Daniel Figueiredo
    • David Evans
    • David Price
    • Diana Costa
    • Diogo Telmo Neves
    • Edward Hermann Haeusler
    • Elsa Estevez
    • Erik De Vink
    • Farhad Arbab
    • Guillermina Cledou
    • Hoang Nga Nguyen
    • Ichiro Hasuo
    • Jean-Pierre Talpin
    • Jeremy W. Bryans
    • Jorge Sousa Pinto
    • José Creissac Campos
    • José Espírito Santo
    • José Nuno Oliveira
    • Kenta Cho
    • Kohei Suenaga
    • Leandro Gomes
    • Luís Paulo Santos
    • Luís Pinto
    • Manuel A. Martins
    • Marcello Bonsangue
    • Maria João Frade
    • Mario Benevides
    • Meng Sun
    • Moinul Zaber
    • Naijun Zhan
    • Nelma Moreira
    • Paolo Masci
    • Rhys Kirk
    • Rogério Reis
    • Roland Backhouse
    • Rolf Hennicker
    • Sabine Broda
    • Shaoying Liu
    • Shin-Ya Katsumata
    • Shuling Wang
    • Siraj A. Shaikh
    • Tarmo Uustalu
    • Tomasz Janowski
    • Wei Zhang
    • Xiong Xu
    • Yousra Hafidi
    • Yuichiro Oyabu
    • Yunwei Dong
    • Zhiming Liu
    • Zoran Jordanoski


    • Alexandre Madeira (CIDMA, PT)
    • Renato Neves (INESC TEC, PT)
    • José Proença (CISTER, PT)