WADT'22 - 26th International Workshop on Algebraic Development Techniques 2022

Aveiro, 28 - 30 June 2022

Contributing talks

  • Jan A Bergstra and John Tucker: Fracterm Calculus with a Sign Function -- (Slides)
  • Paulo Almeida, Diego Napp and Eunice Mateiro: Optimal quantum convolutional codes (Slides)
  • Víctor Aranda: Applications of Partial Boolean Algebras to Type Theory
  • Harry Bryant and Markus Roggenbach: Ladderlogic Verification for Railway Interlockings with the IC3 Algorithm
  • Victor Cai, Sunitha Lakshmanappa, Andy Lawrence, Markus Roggenbach and Monika Seisenberger: Counterexample Visualisation for Constraint Checking in the Railway Domain (Slides)
  • Tonicha Crook, Jay Morgan, Arno Pauly and Markus Roggenbach: A Computability Perspective on (Verified) Machine Learning
  • Ana Cruz and Luís Soares Barbosa: A logic for paraconsistent transition systems, with applications to quantum computing
  • Gilberto Cunha: Quantum Bayesian POMDP Online Planning
  • Andrea D'Urbano, Michael Oliveira and Luis Soares Barbosa: Quantum enhanced Secure Multiparty computation of triplewise (Slides)
  • Daniel Figueiredo and Diana Costa: Equational logic over switch graph models (Slides)
  • Alfredo Freire: Partial boolean valued model and exact forcing
  • Fabio Gadducci and Davide Trotta: A Presheaf Semantics for Quantified Temporal Logics
  • Michal Gajda: Algebraic modeling of performance of distributed systems
  • Michal Gajda: All you need is monoid - monoidal aggregators as Turing-complete computational model
  • Leandro Gomes: Towards a (multi)trace semantics for “multi-flow” computations
  • Sergey Goncharov: Shades of Iteration: from Elgot to Kleene (Slides)
  • Manisha Jain: Introducing fuzziness in quantum automata (Slides)
  • Elias Keis, Carlos Gustavo Lopez Pombo, Agustín Eloy Martinez Suñé and Alexander Knapp: Automated QoS-Aware Service Selection Based on Soft Constraints (Slides)
  • Benjamin Lion, Farhad Arbab and Carolyn Talcott: Runtime Composition Of Systems of Interacting Cyber-Physical Components (Slides)
  • Sérgio Marcelino and Carlos Caleiro: PNmatrices at Work (Slides)
  • Ana Neri: Formal Methods for Quantum Fault-Tolerant Programs (Slides)
  • Pedro Nora: Quantitative Hennessy-Milner Theorems
  • Conor Reynolds, Marie Farrell, Rosemary Monahan, James F. Power and Michael Fisher: Heterogeneous Specification Using the Institutions for Event-B and Temporal Logic
  • Eugénio Rocha and Pedro Nunes: A generalization of dynamic fault trees: concepts and an industrial application (Slides)
  • Alejandro Sanchez and Luís Soares Barbosa: A hybrid mu-calculus for monoidal categories (Slides)
  • Jaime Santos and Daniel Figueiredo: idDL2DL: translating interval specifications to DL (Slides)
  • Ionut Tutu: SpeX: a rewriting-based formal-specification environment (Slides)
  • Henrik Wachowitz, Alexander Knapp and Markus Roggenbach: Analyzing Security Protocols over Unbounded Domains (Slides)
  • Uwe Wolter and Tam Thanh Truong: Algebras and Graph Algebras (Slides)

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The conference is supported by CIDMA through the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, reference UIDB/04106/2020